Voodoo Voodoo is a creative studio that engages with art, design, music, fashion and literature.

We provide art direction, branding, design and editorial expertise to a diverse array of clients, partnering with brands, individuals, galleries and cultural institutions.

Voodoo Voodoo is a flexible collective. It assembles bespoke, fit-for-purpose teams from its trusted network of talented creatives to respond to each brief — enabling it to take on a wide variety of projects and commissions. Voodoo Voodoo actively seeks provocative briefs and welcomes exchanges with artists, performers, storytellers and designers.

Voodoo Voodoo’s approach is research-based and led by creative experimentation. Dialogue is at the core of Voodoo Voodoo’s ideology: exploring a shared context from which to activate a unique brief.


Our process is an exchange. We work together to query, understand, react and push boundaries. New challenges are opportunities to create meaningful work and respond with impactful solutions.

Voodoo Voodoo works with clients to define the relevant deliverables, identifying the appropriate tools and media with which to approach each specific project.

We believe every step of the journey is connected. Process and results are equally considered, allowing us to expand on the potential behind any form of communication — concepts are brought to life whether through print, digital, an artwork or by engaging audiences in experiential initiatives.
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We are empowered by talented creatives who enrich our platform and projects with new questions and unexpected answers. We are a collective united by our appreciation of people, ideas and solutions that go against the grain, challenging the status quo to inspire meaningful change.
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For more information about Voodoo Voodoo, or to organise an introductory meeting, please get in touch:

+44 (0) 7940 333 687